Important things you need to know about cyber security

Cybercrime is a big threat to people, and every year, billions of people are getting attacked and bearing the loss in their business and in their personal lives. If you are the one who always likes to be on the internet, then you need to be aware of a few important things about the cyber security.

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Due to the expire encryption and non-maintenance the possibilities are that someone might hack your system and steal all your data which is essential for your business and confidential as well.

When you want to protect your system and your data, you should be aware of the encryption system or have someone’s help. In this way, you will be able to prevent your system from the hackers and your system will also send you a message if someone is trying to steal your information.


What are you supposed to do if you have some confidential data in your system you’re receiving unknown threatening calls and messages from hackers? You’ll definitely be in need of someone who can get you out of this situation by helping you stay secure and protected.

In this case, you should take help from CTI. CTI can help you utilize your critically sensitive assets with complete peace of mind by providing you the proper security.


Negligence is another major factor that can cause harmful effects to your data. If your employees are not responsible enough and they are not taking the job seriously then, of course, there are threats to your system.

It may be possible that you may lose your files because some employee deleted them. As compared to the hacking, negligence is one of the biggest causes of losing your data from your system.


It’s not easy to hire the data security system because it’s expensive enough. 43% of the people say that they are unable to hire the data security solutions because of budget problems and they’re unable to maintain it in the long run.

You should get some help from the companies that are offering security solutions for your data. These companies can help you protect your valuable data at lower cost.


If you are thinking that a number of malicious domains are low as compared to the normal ones then you are wrong. In the USA, about 40% of malicious domains are produced which are security threats to the business website and which is an absolute loss for your business.

At the time of having any kind of domain for your website, it would be great if you activate your security so that your system may stay secure from all the threats. Every year you will be able to see the increment in the production of malicious domains.…

Is event staffing important for a cyber security event?

Cyber security is one of the very hot topics in the present era. We’re living in the era of technology where every day new gadgets and products are being introduced. The invention of these technology items is making the cyber security more and more important.

The devices are connecting more and more people every day and it is an estimate that around 200 billion people will be connected by 2020.

So, it’s getting really important to provide the sufficient security to the users. Many IT experts are trying to find the ways to make these gadgets secure but there are several hackers also who are trying to break the security and get into different systems to steal some important information.

For this purpose of security, different cyber security events take place at different places every year, where IT experts discuss the difficulties they’re facing regarding cyber security. Some top IT experts also appear in these conferences and events to share their valuable information with those who’ve gathered there to listen to them.

If you’re concerned about whether you should call the event staffing team for these events or not, then you should take some time to read this article because here we’re going to share some important information about this topic.

Small events

If you’re organizing a small event, where only local IT technicians are invited, then you might not need to be worried about event staffing because the local IT technicians aren’t that much popular as the experts are.

But you should make sure that you’re not going to display any expensive gadget or beta version of a software in this event. Because if you’re going to do so, chances are that hackers and intruders will try to steal the information from you and get benefit from it.

So, in such cases, you must arrange the proper security to make your software or gadget secure from wrong hands.

Bigger events

If you’re thinking about organizing the bigger events, then you must call the security team for providing security for this event.

The reason is that the Expert and experienced IT professionals are invited to such kind of events and they need extra security for some reasons and therefore, you must make sure that you provide them the proper security to make them feel comfortable so that they may share their thoughts without any problem.

The second reason of providing security for such events is that many bigger brands and companies launch their products and gadgets in these events. So, you need to make sure that their gadgets and products stay secure during the event.

If you failed to arrange the required security for such events, the companies and the security departments will blame you for any kind of mishaps.…

Is cyber security an issue with online gaming?

Online gaming is huge and it is emerging very fast. It is said that gaming industry will be the next target of cyber crime.

Nowadays, almost everyone loves to play video games online. They are so famous that every kid at school is talking about it in classrooms and in playgrounds.

If you love playing video games online, then you’ve probably Googled, “what are the top rated vertical mice on the market?”  But, what you might not be as familiar with is, online security as it relates to gaming.

The reason why gaming is huge is not only because it’s interesting but it’s due to the fact that many platforms are famous on the internet for online gaming and gamers are earning money from that.

Whenever it comes to money at large scale, the attack of money hackers could be expected. Is online gaming potentially under the threat of cyber attack?

The answer is yes, not everyone is earning huge amount of money by playing games and most of the people don’t even know about it but the gaming industry is earning huge and that’s why it could be under cyber-attack any moment.

Steam Hacking

Steam is one of the biggest online gaming platforms where gamers from all over the world play different video games and earn.

Steam has admitted that more than 70000 accounts are getting hacked every year and that number is rising every month.

One of the reasons of accounts getting hacked was malware attack and it was eliminated but cyber is inevitable as human minds have no limits.

For a money hacker, a video gaming platform is like a gold mine where he can hack tons of money by simply hacking accounts of different people around the world.

Hacking with Accessories

It is also reported that the hackers have developed special spy equipment’s and they use it in video gaming accessories to spy on you and steal your personal information along with important details.

As video gamers are usually so much busy and interested in the games that they don’t even think about cyber-attack. There are a lot of security breaches which are the limit for us as the gamers have to interact with each other while playing games.

Hacking with Ads

These cyber criminals mostly use ads on which a gamer could click. Once a gamer clicks on a special kind of ad, it takes the gamer to a page where he has to fill in the information and maybe he could get an offer of free software download for better gaming results.

When the gamer downloads that software, it contains some malicious malware that can corrupt his whole computer system or the hacker may steal his account information and personal data from his PC.…