How cyber criminals can now hack the smart technology in your home and how to prevent it?

The technology is everywhere. It’s not only limited to our offices or stores now but it has become an essential part of our life. In some cases, we find ourselves completely helpless in the absence of technology. The technological equipment has become so much common these days that sometimes we don’t even realize that how heavily we’re crowded with the technology.

There are numerous benefits of technological advancements but unfortunately, there are some disadvantages as well. One of the most critical issues with technological equipment is that they put your safety and privacy at a greater risk. Most of the times, you don’t even realize that how harmful a technology can be for you.

The purpose of writing this article is to inform you that the technology you’re using in your home can be a dangerous enemy for you if you don’t take enough care for it. You must have heard the word “hacker” at least once in your life. Most of us believe that a hacker is a person who hacks the computer and steals important information but only a few people know that hacker can do many other things that are more harmful as compared to information theft.

Let’s take a look at how a hacker can hack your smart technology in your home.

How to prevent hacking?

Do you know that whatever smart technology you bring to your home has an IP address that is used to track a product if it is misused or stolen?  IP is the most important element that hacker tries to hack in the beginning so that he can use it for illegal purposes. After hacking a single IP from your home, a hacker can enter the entire technology of your home or he can even use that IP illegally.

So, you need to keep your IPs Protected. Most of the times, the hacker needs to enter your home to hack your devices because he first needs to connect your device with his magical machine otherwise, he won’t be able to access any device in your home. Usually, the hackers enter a home when homeowner is not at home.

Most of the homes have traditional door locks these days that are easy to break. We recommend that you buy the Top Deadbolt Smart Lock here if you want to protect your home when you’re away otherwise, you’ll have to face a lot of trouble in case of any hacking attempt.

The other way to protect your home technology from hacking is that you buy the smart technology from reliable buyers only. The reliable companies make their devices completely safe and secure so that no one can hack them at all.

You must make sure that the device you’re going to buy for your home is equipped with a firewall because it’s almost impossible to hack a device that has a secure firewall in it.…

What to look for when hiring a cyber security company?

Cybersecurity is the utmost necessity of the present times because there are lots of devices that are connected to each other and much more are coming every day. Keeping these devices secure is getting a lot more difficult.

Hackers are trying their best to break the security of the systems of different companies so that they may steal their data. Companies are also trying their best to make their systems secure but still, we see that lots of cyber attacks are taking place every day.

Most of the times the reason behind a cyber attack is the use of bad quality equipment or bad security. The cyber security expert you hire should be able to create the most powerful firewall for your systems so that no one may interrupt with your confidential information.

There are many local and international cybersecurity companies that are providing services to make your systems secure but you need to be very careful when hiring a cyber security expert because it’s for the sake of your company and your private information should remain confidential otherwise, your competitors will steal the information, sales, and the leads.

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind when hiring a cyber security expert.

An expert programmer

The person you’re going to hire should have in-depth knowledge of programming and should be able to program the software or firewall himself. If a person doesn’t know how to program a firewall he won’t be able to add the required changes to the firewall you’ve purchased. And in some cases, he might even destroy your firewall.

So, you must be very careful when hiring a cyber security expert because firewalls and other IT systems are very expensive and only you understand the worth of these systems so do not put your investment at a risk.

Ethical Hacker

It would be great if the person you’re hiring is an ethical hacker as well. Because an ethical hacker is aware of the techniques that hackers usually use, therefore, he’ll be able to provide you the perfect solution for all the cyber attacks.



Experience is another important factor that you must consider when you’re hiring a cyber security company because beginners are unaware of the tricks of hackers. So, you need to hire an experienced company so that they can make you secure from all kind of cyber attacks because they know all the tricks of hackers.

How to keep your IT systems secure?

Technology offers increased ROI, productivity and mobility at shrinking expense, therefore, it’s the most efficient way of growth for entrepreneurs. The growth of these innovations has also produced the growing security concerns. The security of the IT systems is really important.

It’s not only about the physical security of the systems but it’s also about keeping your systems secure from the hackers. There are many benefits of IT systems that we’ve experienced in the past few decades.

Let’s talk about several aspects of keeping your IT systems secure from several problems.

Physical security

The IT systems are the most expensive equipment in an enterprise, and you need to keep them secure and well-maintained or else you’ll lose a huge amount of money. In order to keep your IT systems secure, you need to add proper security to your company so that the company may stay safe from the intruders.

Some of your competitors may also send someone to steal the information directly from your system, so you need to arrange proper security so that any unknown person may not enter into your company.

You must also hire the IT experts that will not only help you maintain your IT systems physically but they’ll also keep these systems secure from the cyber attacks.

If you have any doubt that an unknown person comes to your company without any permission, then you must take some important steps to keep your systems secure from such kind of people. Hidden cameras are the best to find out if someone is coming to your company without your permission.

There are several spy cameras available these days that you can use to make your IT systems secure. You must consider taking a look at security breach – cameras used for spying so that you may keep your company and IT systems secure from the intruders and your competitors.

Cyber attacks

Cyber attacks are very common these days and you need to make sure that your systems stay secure from all kinds of cyber attacks, otherwise, you’ll lose a lot of important data and confidential information. Cyber attacks are dangerous than the normal attacks because it gets very difficult to track such kind of attacks.

Hackers can steal your payment information and they can also steal the confidential information of your company and pass it to your competitors. If you want to stay secure from such kind of cyber attacks, you must hire an IT expert to add extra security to your IT systems.

An IT expert will create a firewall for your systems to make them secure and he’ll only allow the specific computers of your company to access the specific information you want. For instance, someone from sales department will not have permission to access the information of HR department.

So, you can understand that how important is it keep your systems secure from cyber attacks and only an IT expert can help you do so.…