Check out these apps if you’re a tech nerd like us

If you are a tech nerd, you must have a craze of checking out the latest inventions of the present era. Fortunately, you have reached your destination because we are also tech nerds and we love learning new things about the latest technologies. The only difference is that we do not only collect this information for our own benefit but we also keep sharing this knowledge with our visitors.

Today, we are going to talk about the android apps that every tech lover would love using on his smartphone. The smartphones have become very popular these days and there are plenty of apps that are being introduced for these smartphones. So, there is a huge library of apps available that will take you into a deep ocean.

We will talk about the best tech-related apps that you can use on your smartphone if you are a tech nerd. One of the common things about tech nerds is that they keep extending their knowledge about the latest technologies. So, as a tech nerd, you’d be glad to hear that you can now use all your android apps on your PC by installing Bluestacks software on your PC.

There are many other software products that you can use for this purpose but the reason why we recommend the Bluestacks is that the Bluestacks is Safe! You can now use your favorite tech-related apps on your PC to enjoy a better view. However, here are the best tech apps that you must check out if you are a tech nerd.


It is an app that is committed to providing the latest technology news to the tech lovers. There are many other apps that are working on the same theme but the reason why it is prominent from all others is that it provides the tech information in a very crispy format. Thus, you feel very fresh and excited while reading the tech news. You can also take a look at the tech trends of the world with the help of this app.


The NASA App is a very popular app. This app provides you access to a wide range of photos and videos that are taken from the space. Another advantage of this app is that it provides you the access to a wide range of articles. You can read those articles to enhance your knowledge about the latest technology that is being used in today’s world.

Droid Scan

You can use this app to resize your documents and you can also change the format of a file with the help of this app. All you need to do is scanning your document with the help of your Android’s camera and then you can easily make changes according to your needs. Here is a list of apps that you must check out if you are a tech nerd.