How cyber criminals can hack your mobile phone

With mobile phones becoming a standard way of communication, cyber criminals have found new techniques to hack them and retrieve your data such as emails, text messages, photos as well other information you may store on them. Heck! Some cyber criminals can even tape and listen to your conversations and find passwords to your online bank accounts.

In other words, the consequence of cyber criminals retrieving your data is damaging, so you should know how they can hack your handset to take appropriate precautions and thwart it from happening.  For enterprises like small and medium-sized enterprises, the cost of losing personal data is even more disastrous if information like customer information, financial data, investments, business strategy, HR data and intellectual property is lost to cyber criminals.

That’s why most businesses encourage their staff to encrypt their text messages and calls to prevent hackers and even competitors from accessing their data.  Even overseas, cyber criminals are quite popular where they’ll try and locate your phone, also known as handy orten, in order to access your sensitive data. Experts estimate that more than a billion cell phone users are hacked every year because they are unprotected. In fact, experts aver that most cell phone users who are hacked do not even know that they can install security on their mobile phones. As a general rule of thumb, ensure to set up security for your mobile phones as well as other communication devices to protect your data from unfair access.

How cyber criminals hack your Mobile phone

Third party access/ Man in the middle – It is now known that most cyber criminals use a practice known as ‘man in the middle’ to access your handset`s storage. This technique allows them to gain entry into your operating system and redirect all your data to a third party who is usually strategically positioned to use your information for an unfair benefit. Other hackers can even gain access to your data when your handset is turned off, making virtually all mobile phones exposed to attack.

How to prevent Hacking on your mobile devices

The process of protecting your mobile phones from hacking involves taking several steps including using secure code words, undertaking due diligence in opening links in emails and text messages to verify authenticity before clicking on them as well as avoiding public Wi-Fi and encrypting your messages and even calls.  For businesses and enterprises, it is prudent to secure your messages and phone calls with back-to-back encryption to make certain that no third party can access your calls and messages. You can get additional information about securing text messages, emails, and phones from online resources.

In the end, the key is to keep safety and security in mind when operating your phone because you never know who’s watching.