How hosting can affect your website – the positive and negative effects

There are many factors that affect the position of a website and web hosting is one of them. In fact, the ranking of your site in the SERPs can be affected by the host in some cases.

How Hosting can affect your website

If you are looking for the Best Web Hosting in Australia then you must have a look at the certain ways that we are going to show you about how the web host can affect your website.

Site Speed

This is the most critical thing these days and Google considers it as a factor of search engine rankings. Google started using it as a search engine ranking factor in April 2011. And everybody knows that the loading speed of a website is directly affected by the web hosting.

How Hosting can affect your website

There are many free tools available on the internet that you can use regularly to check the loading speed of your site. If you find at some point that the site loading speed is slower than expected and there isn’t any other factor causing this effect then you must find another hosting provider otherwise, you’ll lose your customers.

It’s not only search engines that like the fast sites but also the users and you should do your best as a webmaster to make sure that the speed of your site is fast enough to satisfy your customers. Transfer your site to another web host if you think that the web hosting is causing effects to the speed.

Server Location

Although for most sites, there is no positive/negative impact of the physical location of your server, the impact can be significant for those for whom it has an effect. It’s important to rank your site well for a particular country’s version of Google if you have a site that is targeting that country.

For instance, you must optimize your site for, not, if your site is targeting visitors from Poland.

The TLD extension of the Google and the server location are two big ways by which Google determines if a website is relevant to a particular country.


Users will not be able to get access to your website if your site has a relatively low uptime and the same is the case with search engine crawlers. Your website’s ranking will be significantly affected if the downtime of your site is preventing the crawlers from accessing your site continuously too many times.

How Hosting can affect your website

About 99% uptime is guaranteed by most web hosting services these days so this isn’t going to be a problem for most. However, we would recommend you to switch to a more reliable hosting service if you are experiencing downtime consistently due to limited disk space and bandwidth etc.

Duplicate content on Subdomain

If you’ve chosen a web host that automatically creates a subdomain along with your registered domain then you may face the problem of duplicate content because your website’s content will also update on this subdomain consistently.

Robots.txt in the subdomain can be updated to solve this problem or canonical tags can also be helpful in this regard. If your site is on WordPress then you can take help from different plugins that will do this job for you.