How Servers and Datacenters Are Setup in Order to Increase Internet Speeds?

Setting up a server and datacenter is quite a tedious task and everybody cannot manage to do it unless they have the essential experience of doing this job. You need to learn how to operate a router and switch when it comes to setting up a server because the routers and switches are the key products that can either increase or decrease the internet speed.

We are not going to talk about the programming of a router and switch because it can be extremely difficult for you to understand the procedure. But believe me, once you have learned to program a router and switch, everything will become a piece of cake for you. The programming of the router and switch can either increase or decrease the speed of the internet.

Here is some information about how servers and data centers are set up in order to increase the internet speeds.

High-speed ports

The ports that are mounted in the switch are very important when it comes to increasing or decreasing the speed of the internet. You won’t be able to increase the speed of the internet if there are low-speed ports installed in the switch. Therefore, it is important that you purchase the switch that has high-speed ports installed in it. There are many different types of switches available that have ports of different frequencies.

Number of ports

The number ports that are installed in the switch is also very important for increasing the speed of the internet. Every server expert leaves 10 percent of ports empty in the switch so that the speed may not get affected. If you considered engaging all the ports of the switch, the users will continuously face the disconnectivity issue. Therefore, it is important that you avoid using all the ports. Here is some information about how you can arrange the ports in a switch.


The router is the machine that is directly connected to the server and it connects the switch to the server. The router can also affect the internet speeds if not programmed properly. Therefore, you should be careful enough when it comes to programming a router. Programming a router is not a problem if you take some help from an expert.

Inactive ports

As we have mentioned before, the programming plays an important role in increasing the speed of the internet. The ports of switches are programmed in a way that they go down when they remain inactive for more than 10 minutes. Thus, the speed doesn’t get affected and the users enjoy the high-speed internet.

Multiple switches

The datacenters apply the switches according to their needs. There are some data centers that need only a few switches to entertain their users while there are others that require multiple switches for this purpose. So, the huge companies always use multiple switches to provide comfort to their users.