How to Win Every Time You Play Megaways Slots

How to Win Every Time You Play Megaways Slots

Megaways Slots is popular online casino games which utilize the Megaways unique random roller attribute. Developed by the Australian firm, Big Time Gaming, this unique random roller attribute changes the game in numerous ways. It multiplies the number of symbols on the revolving reels on each spin, providing far more ways to win than more traditional online slots. But what makes Megaways Slots so special is its ability to make winning practically simple.

How to Win Every Time You Play Megaways Slots

The first huge difference found in Megaways Slots is the amount of bonuses awarded to winning. These bonuses are awarded in every game played. In every variation of the game, players earn cash and bonus points. On top of these, players can acquire VIP treatment at the casinos, receive free spins on their virtual roulette wheel, as well as “special” free bonuses not available in regular online casinos. This increases the overall gaming experience.

Play Megaways Slots at Bitcoin Gambling site

When you place your bet, Megaways Slots randomly chooses numbers for the next spin, no other Bitcoin Gambling sites have this unique feature. Thus, it is the only Bitcoin Gambling site that allows players to spin their reels randomly and win big! Moreover, because the numbers are generated by a random number generator, all spins on Megaways Slots are guaranteed to produce the same result each time.

Difference between traditional slots and Megaways Slots

The third huge difference between traditional slots and Megaways Slots is its “slots work every time”. The Megaways Slots unique random roller mechanic actually works like a real casino machine. Each time you place your bet and pull the handle, it will rotate the reels and produce numbers for the next spin. As you may know, slots are strictly a game of chance and the casino has no control over whether a particular spin will produce a winning jackpot or not.

In addition to slots’ random number generator, Megaways Slots also has another unique feature – paylines. Paylines represent the difference between the actual bet amount and the payoff you are hoping to receive. You see, Megaways Slots uses a special system where the paylines display a series of symbols. These symbols do not simply change color when you place a bet. Rather, they change in order, from the biggest symbols to the smallest. You’ll quickly notice that paylines will alternate from the largest to the smallest shapes – from red to black, and from black to white.


The reason for the alternating colors of the paylines is quite simple. Megaways Slots utilizes a unique and innovative system called the “probability wheel.” Basically, the wheel is a graphical representation of the odds that a particular number will come up during any particular spin of the reel. When the wheel is spinning, each symbol in the line will be either blocked or “blocked out.” On an average, a winning bet will occur at the middle of the wheel. However, there is always a “line” between each symbol – hence the alternating color patterns.

To put a simply: the Megaways Slots machine uses a weighted mathematical algorithm to simulate the traditional slots. The weighted algorithm takes into account all the variables that can affect the results of a slot machine’s spins – specifically, the paylines and the symbols. In order to be fair to all players, no matter what type of slot you’re playing, Megaways Slots simulates all of the different variables. This way, no matter what kind of player you are, you will have a good chance of hitting the jackpot. And the best part is, this same technology is what makes many other online slot machines, including the popular online progressive slots – meaning that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of ways by which you can win a Megaways slot.

Now, as for the Megaways Multiplier and the Megaway Thrill Bonus. These bonuses are basically bonuses that give you a better chance of winning. For example, let’s say you have maxed out your bankroll – this doesn’t mean you can’t win! Just use the Megaway Multiplier to get extra credits, and you can double your bankroll (or even more), or even get lucky enough to hit a “bob” (a multiplied value), thus allowing you to win an even bigger jackpot.

How to Win Every Time You Play Megaways Slots
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